Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
Heartbreak Montage
Heartbreak Montage
27th Jun 2022, 12:00 AM in 33 - An Olde Tale
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This week's Exiern update! This one posted from Sri Lanka, where things in general are just a bit turbulent at the moment. Still planning how to set about restoring the archives once we've taken care of some important things we have to do here first.

So, as of today I'm off work for a few months and so hopefully once we complete our travel overseas at the start of next week, I can look at finally fixing the missing story archives. Basically as said before, if not finished in June, definitely in July 2022.

More detail here but the key thing is that we've lost all of our Exiern websites somehow.

We shall keep you all updated with posts open to everyone (Patreon subscriber or not) or our Twitter account so you can keep eye for updates and news there! (Links below!)

Thanks for all your patience and support!

Apologies for all the interruptions!

Art by Luis XIII

Story and lettering by Scott T. Hicken

Also we promise we'll fix the archives soon as we have free time available to upload again all the preceding story pages!


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Legendary Kroc (Guest)
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The Curse seems to be over-estimating Peggy's tolerance for its/her kooky manners.