Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
Acknowledging It Makes It Better
Acknowledging It Makes It Better
5th Dec 2022, 12:00 AM in 34 - Split Decisions
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User comments:
anon (Guest)
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well, thanks?
Some Ed
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Last saw in what sense? Yeah, I know, we get to find at the next update. But it feels like there's at least two distinct "last saw him" possibilities.

I'll guess you probably mean chronologically by our calendar, but there's also chronologically by Typh's calendar, since we were just seeing a flashback.

And then there's chronologically by Faden's calendar, which may match Typh's, it may match ours, or it may be completely different.

It's unclear to me if there are other possible timelines within the canon of this story to consider. I doubt that "last seen Faden according to Dr. Who" would be what you're talking about, though I'm fairly certain I don't know what that would mean either. One could replace 'Dr. Who' in that sentence with any other well known time traveller not from Exiern without affecting its truth value.
RBZ (Guest)
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I think you may have overthought this.