Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
The World of Exiern
The World of Exiern
9th Jun 2005, 12:00 AM
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See the original text and images from the page as originally posted before the site crashed. Luckily the page went to where all webpages go in the afterlife if they're lucky enough to be saved by archive.org

The World of Exiern archived page:

This (9th June 2005) wasn't the date that Exiern started, this came about because of my inability to read American month/day/year format and then not noticing for about 18 months.

Exiern didn't actually start on the 6th of September 2005 either. The original pages were remade from their MS Paint versions to the ones we have now by Studio Boom (now Studio Katsumi who returned as our Exiern main artist before now being one of our Dark Reflections artists).

So, the dates don't actually match these pages which were made later. Also, even the original pages were posted elsewhere before September on things like Deviant Art (I believe) but no-one's quite sure when exactly.

Just another day in Exiern where we aren't sure of the start date to go with our not being entirely sure how many pages there either (we keep finding stuff that we're not always sure as to whether it was part of the main continuity or not among other things!).

Exiern's Twitter account was also started on June 9th (back in 2011) so we guess it's as good a date as any to to make the day Exiern started be June 9th 2005, in the absence of being able to prove when the actually date was.

Please consider checking out the link to the archived page to learn about the Marvel artist who made this page for us (Wayne Nichols) including a picture of an image they made for a Marvel exhibit in Brisbane, Australia!