Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
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26th Sep 2022, 12:00 AM in 33 - An Olde Tale
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I think the archives are fully restored and in the right order but please make a comment on any pages out of place or where you might think one is missing.

Filler content to be restored in the coming months.

More detail about the archive restoration here!

Also more detail here but the key thing is that we've lost all of our Exiern websites somehow.

We shall keep you all updated with posts open to everyone (Patreon subscriber or not) or our Twitter account so you can keep eye for updates and news there! (Links below!)

Thanks for all your patience and support!

Apologies for all the interruptions!

Art by Luis XIII

Story and lettering by Scott T. Hicken

Also we promise we'll fix the archives soon as we have free time available to upload again all the preceding story pages!

Patreon - the next four pages are up on Patreon now and it will be five by tomorrow!


Links to other Exiern content:

Exiern Patreon (lots of content here! Dark Reflections: Zen, Dark Reflections: Chaos and more!)

Dark Reflections (Page 1 to 44)

Dark Reflections: Zen (One version from Page 45 - being restored daily)

Dark Reflections: Chaos (Another version from Page 45 - being restored daily!)

DR Zen can be read up to the latest age on Patreon and DR Chaos from Page 75 as well!

All of DR Chaos except for the latest month's pages can be read at TG Comics.

NSFW website and you need to make an account but it is free to read there.

Dark Refections: Chaos at TG Comics

Updated every month with the previous month's Patreon content!
User comments:
Arc (Guest)
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I forget, when did they see tiny Typh?
RBZ (Guest)
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Peggy noticed tiny Typh gesticulating from the handbag in some inn or other.
Guesticules (Guest)
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Did Peggy see _all_ of Tiny Typh? Or just his arm?