Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
The Start of the Beginning
The Start of the Beginning
16th Jan 2023, 12:00 AM in 34 - Split Decisions
Permalink: https://exiern.thecomicseries.com/comics/pl/1726456
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User comments:
Phoebe (Guest)
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Ah, so it was only Faden's memory that they would be erasing, not Urtica's... makes sense I guess.

Also, uh-oh, it's starting alright, but how will the process end? My guess is... not well!
Guest (Guest)
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I don't think messing with his mind went well.
Thorfinn (Guest)
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I don't know if I'm reading these pages right - they are keeping things kind of ambiguous - but I get the impressions Faden is reckoning with turning into an evil sorcerer as an inescapable byproduct of reaching the insight he's seeking (whatever that is - that is even more ambiguous)
Phoebe (Guest)
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He used the forbidden logic magic (or whatever it was called, too lazy to go to the previous page) so they could achieve their plans. He feels that even though he resisted its' appeal wonderfully so far, this cannot be the case forever. So even though Urtica tells him he doesn't need to erase his own memories to safeguard their other plan (with Acropetal and their children and whatnot), he is still in the process of erasing his own memory so he can forget his dabbling with the forbidden logic and avoid becoming a crazy evil sorcerer.
There's just this little detail that it doesn't appear to be going very well... (I don't remember any red eyes when he did it before, but I do remember some crazy eyes on the evil Faden).
Scott T. Hicken (Guest)
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Something we've never explicitly explained is there are two types of "magic" used in Exiern:

Spell Songs - the most typical "magic" which is created by using singing (or maybe other types of music...?). It requires a life force to create it (the singer) and a life force to power it when the singer is done, so spell songs cast on inanimate objects *usually* wear off quickly (can't turn lead into gold). A spell song can go indefinitely by tying it to someone else's life force (like Typh's curse). Seeming exceptions to these rules are things to note.

Forbidden Logic - this works by studying the reality that the Dreamer has created and exploiting cracks in it's inner workings. How can Olivia live with her heart in a bag? How can a metal crown record memories? How can maps always be wrong? Studiers of the Forbidden Logic often become obsessed (go 'deep') with proving their theorems, becoming Deep Logicians who abandon all other humanity and pursuing - with often deadly results - any path that will prove them right.