Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
20th Feb 2023, 12:00 AM in 34 - Split Decisions
Permalink: https://exiern.thecomicseries.com/comics/pl/1758285
Author Notes:
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Peonie is also caught out.

Art by Luis XIII

Story and lettering by Scott T. Hicken

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User comments:
Guesticules (Guest)
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Originally, a bimbo was a male, but then you got Baywatch and the meaning changed
Some Ed
edit delete reply
I think it probably changed before that. All you needed was someone to correctly identify an influential enough bimbo, and the natural bimbo response of, "I'm not a bimbo, you're a bimbo!" ...

Interesting how frequently our bimbo ex pres used it.
Phoebe (Guest)
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Ah Peonie, you have to work up those pretense skills of yours if you are going to fit into you (non)father's position one day...
RBZ (Guest)
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Honestly, you call someone Typh all their life, despite their protestations that it's pronounced Tiff, and when you give in and call them Tiff, they get all paranoid about you not calling them Typh anymore!
This is why you shouldn't argue with stupid.
Chaucer59 (Guest)
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That makes no sense. The bimbo has been telling EVERYONE to call her Tiffany instead of Typhany, and the minute Princess P acquiesces, she loses her shit.
Jeremiah (Guest)
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She's a curse made out of "good" magic. It makes sense for her to be unhinged.
Guest (Guest)
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I hate this whole subplot. I want to get back to Typh.
Guesticules (Guest)
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It was never 'Typhany', it was 'Typhan-Knee'
Legendary Kroc (Guest)
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Reminds me of the Captain Marvel movie. Early on, Nick Fury tells Carol (and the audience) that no-one calls him by his given name Nicholas, instead just calling him Fury. So when a Skrull impersonating his boss tells him, "Excellent work, Nicholas," he's naturally suspicious immediately and bluffs the imposter who fails to spot the bluff, confirming his hunch.