Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
Action Potential
Action Potential
20th Mar 2023, 12:00 AM in 34 - Split Decisions
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Permalink: https://exiern.thecomicseries.com/comics/pl/1769142
Author Notes:
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Am back in Australia but I have to head off to Sri Lanka soon because I need to go do some things for my parents ... (I know, I do get around these days!)

Art by Luis XIII

Story and lettering by Scott T. Hicken

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User comments:
Legendary Kroc (Guest)
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Honestly, they made a big mistake by planning to take out Curse!Tiff in a place off the ship. They should have confronted her together at a safe distance while she was still in the cell. Instead, they've managed to...

a) Tip her off they were onto her by saying something they wouldn't normally.

b) Get caught totally flatfooted as a result and now the plan is in shambles.

c) Tried and totally whiffed to fight back against her.

Of course, even as I type this I have a suspicion Curse!Tiff will just get knocked out with a box cracked over her head or something in the next strip because if she succeeds then the comic completely loses most of its focal characters.
Phoebe (Guest)
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I mean, Peonie has her moments, some very good moments! I'm sure she'll take care of it!
mittfh (Guest)
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Wooden golem to save the day? We know they're given a "skin" via magic, and magic also directs them, but are they capable of reflex actions?
Given the magic currently animating it is bound to both Tiff and Typh , could he unintentionally direct it to protect him from her?
Or, if Scott was being even more devious, something happens in the fight and the golem becomes a third facet of Typh/Tiff (Tyff? Tiph? Another spelling variation?) to further complicate things...
RBZ (Guest)
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Teeth, perhaps?
Guesticules (Guest)
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Yeah, was thinking Her (believe that is the name of this Golem) will do something, but not become a third Typh
Deane (Guest)
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Maybe I dense, or maybe I missed the explanation, but could someone please explain what Totes means. Is it some sort of acronym?
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I believe it's Californian Valley Girl speech meaning "totally".
Legendary Kroc (Guest)
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As I said last time, it's a slang abbreviation for "totally". Used by stereotypical Valley Girls.
Legendary Kroc (Guest)
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I guess the next comic is delayed? I mean I have a hunch what happens but just want to know when it comes out.
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Unfortunately, yes it is delayed. A combination of factors has led to this delay but we've been trying to fix that problem for a while and I promise we'll make up for it very soon!