Swords, Sorcery, and Self Discovery
Chapter 29 Page 3
Chapter 29 Page 3
9th Feb 2017, 12:00 AM in 29 - You're Never Fully Dressed...
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Chapter 29 was made by Colin Wells and originally was meant to either be a bonus dropped all at once or at least published at a much faster rate than the usual weekly updates.

However, as Colin quietly worked on these pages in parallel with the main story being made, circumstances ended up being that this was all we had for weekly Exiern updates for over half a year back in 2017. These pages originally ran from May 23rd 2017 to December 19th 2017 and Colin was just able to keep ahead of Exiern's weekly publishing schedule (he'd fit them in between everything else he was doing at a rate of slower than that originally from what I recall).

Almost everything from here is on my computer except for part of Chapter 30 (you'll know which part when it happens!), so uploading all the remaining pages that need to be in order to restore the entire main storyline shouldn't be too long from here.

Since I'm not pulling pages from archive.org (except for that one last time I have to), it's faster to just use arbitrary dates and page numbers instead of names again. Also, it's easier to make sure the right page is uploaded if I use something that goes with the file name. Hence no page names or original upload dates and times again.

Aiming to get the main story restored as fast as I can, filler and other material will be sometime later and possibly elsewhere in order to not disrupt the flow of the main narrative.

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